A Little Bit About Us

We don’t just renovate homes; we turn your vision into reality. We are a Toronto based, boutique construction company that specializes in delivering the home of your dreams through a collaborative approach. We partner with our clients to guide them from the initial conception through the design process and finally to completion. Utilizing an Integrated Design Process (IDP) our clients are ensured that their projects remain on budget and on time. What makes this approach effective is the inclusion of the homeowner on the team, along with the builder, designer/architect, and trades people. Together we can achieve timely, creative and cost-effective solutions.  

At Kinswater, we are committed to quality design that transforms spaces to create improved functioning and lasting value. With over 25 years’ experience in building and renovating homes and project management, Kinswater has a proven track record of excellent quality and client satisfaction. Each client’s home and project is approached with the same attention and detail we would bring to our own home. Key to our success has been our clients’ satisfaction with the process. As a result, this is our leading source of new client referrals. Our clients are always happy and do not hesitate to refer us to their friends. Former clients continue to approach us for future building projects as they know that at Kinswater, they will receive the best quality, value and service in the business.

At Kinswater, we love hearing the words “it can’t be done.” That’s when we commit to making it happen. In fact, we’ve developed a reputation for taking on tough projects and finishing them extremely well.

One of our distinguishing characteristics is our ability to problem solve in the face of construction challenges. You’ve no doubt heard enough horror stories to know that renovating problems happen all too often. Hiring a reliable contractor with the track record and experience to spot potential problems -- and come up with a positive solution from the outset -- will save you time, money and a lot of headaches in the long run.

The result will be a beautiful, low-maintenance and energy efficient home.


Our mission is to renovate or restore existing structures by providing superior quality workmanship, leading edge design and a positive client experience.


Kinswater is committed to becoming Toronto’s full service contractor of choice, by means of dedicated and highly skilled employees, superior client communication and a proven track record of delivering quality projects on time and on budget.


Kinswater is focussed on quality design and quality building. We have the team that can guarantee that your project is built with lasting value with the best building practices in the business. We are committed to ensuring that every team member is an integral part of the process. We start by listening to the customer’s desires in all aspects of their build. We are committed to respecting your budget and will search diligently for efficiencies to save you money.

Quality * Integrity * Commitment

Quality Design
Quality Building Practices
Quality Materials
Integrity in Client Relationships
Integrity in Employee Safety and Safe Building Sites
Integrity in Following all Building Rules and Regulations to ensure positive site
Commitment to communication between all team members
Commitment to completing all projects on time and on budget